Click the link below to view or download our list of acceptable items and items we can not accept. 


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    We have a full fleet of tractor trailers, rolloffs, and whatever else you may need to service all of your scrap metal needs.
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    Midshore Recyclers, Inc. has an insulated copper wire granulating machine they nicknamed the "Everlasting Gobstopper Machine". This machine preshreds insulated wire carrys it up a conveyer belt and spits it out as granulated copper chops. It looks like copper sand. 
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    We use a computerized program to weigh and pay our customers. This program is called Scrap Dragon. We Also use Fairbanks scales which are inspected often to ensure they are 100% correct. 
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    We have mobile Balers which we use on site to not only crush cars and trucks into bales, but also to make bales of copper aluminum, aluminums, etc.. We mobilize these when we have "crush out" jobs at other facilities. 
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    We have magent cranes at both locations, as well as grapples, wheel loaders, fork lifts, shears, and other specialized equpiment to not only unload your scrap metals, but process them and send them up the road.
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    In addition to the largeR items you may have, we take all non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminums, brass, zinc, stainless, lead, etc.. No quantity is too little, nor too much. Not sure what you have? just bring it up!